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    PM Benelux COP general questions
  • 1. What is the history of the PM Benelux COP?

    The Project Managers Community of Practice has been established in 2012.

  • 2. What is the objective of the PM Benelux COP?

    The objective of the PM Benelux COPis to provide a platform to project managers in the life sciences industry to meet, to share information & best practices, to learn from each other.

  • 3. What activities do you organize?

    The PMCOP organizes events, will share best practice examples, will set up a regular email newsletter, will support book / literature reviews and so on.
  • 4. How often do you meet?

    The PM Benelux Steering Committee meets approximately every 6 weeks, a face to face meeting in the Apeldoorn area or by telcon.

  • 5. How many members does the PMCOP have now?

    8 Steering Committee members and about 20 other members. Our member structure will be defined soon.

  • 6. What is your target group?

    The PMCOP target group consists in particular (but not exclusive) of project managers in the life sciences industry. The Project Management COP is a dynamic forum for professionals working within the Life Sciences Industry in the Benelux, who have an active interest in sharing knowledge and experience in the area of project management by creating a body of knowledge that stimulates to deliver projects effectively and efficiently.

  • 7. Can I join the PM Benelux COP?

    We welcome some new members to join the PM Benelux COP Steering Committe, or being supportive to the committee. 
    Everybody can join as member for free for ISPE members.

    We also welcome guest members to our events, but a higher entrance fee is required.

  • 8. What can I do for the PM Benelux COP?

    We welcome anybody willing to support the PM Benelux COP, for instance to organize events, company visits, share best practice examples, provide book / literature reviews and so on.

  • 9. Are there any costs to join the PM Benelux COP?

    The PM Benelux COP is a subcommittee of ISPE.
    ISPE expects that active PM Benelux COP Steering Committee members are or will become ISPE members. The current membership fees can be found on the ISPE website. ISPE membership is not mandatory for people supporting the PM Benelux COP(so no -board members). PM Benelux COP membership is free of charge. ISPE member may have additional privileges.

  • 10. What events did you organize in the past?

    The Benelux PM Benelux COP has been founded very recently, this is the first major event open to all project m nagers in the
    life sciences industry.

  • 11. What is the next event (or activity etc)?

    Following the feedback from all participants from this event and questionnaires in the near future, we will determine the objective and content of the next event.