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Development of the PM COP

ISPE’s Project Management Community of Practice (PM COP) was formed in 2005 by a group of PM professionals with interest in promoting project management"best practices." Their vision was to promote the importance of quality PM practices in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. This includes the development and launch of new drugs, and the design, construction, and commissioning of new and renovated manufacturing facilities. The PM COP has been successful in creating a body of knowledge specific to the professional needs of PM practitioners. The PM COP encourages the exchange of ideas that impacts the product lifecycle.

The PM COP is a dynamic forum for professionals working within the Pharma Industry who have an active interest in promoting "continuous improvement" project management by creating a body of knowledge specific to the professional needs of its members. The PM COP is a global community of industry professionals who manage all, or parts of projects. PM COP members have access to PM best practices, tools, techniques, and information about knowledge management, risk management, and project conceptualization and execution.

How the PM COP Benefits Members and the Industry

The vision of the PM COP is to be open to a broad pharmaceutical membership and generate a body of knowledge from a cross-functional managing perspective. The PM COP aims to be considered a resource for the successful delivery of the product lifecycle. The PM COP intends to publish a


Project Management Good Practice Guide with emphasis on topics such as:

Project Delivery

  • Project models
  • Accelerated project models
  • Impact of customized needs
  • Challenges and case studies
  • Project planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Operational excellence

Project Manager

  • Skills required, application, and development
  • Project tools and their utilization
  • The Project Manager and the team
  • Project manager and external teams
  • Project manager and the business team
  • Project manager and senior management
  • Contractors perspective
  • Challenges and case studies

PM Guides and Guidelines

  • References and their application
  • GMP’s and PM

Project Team

  • Organization
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Challenges and case studies